Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Eine kleine nachtmuzik

I hear the morepork watching over us tonight - their call means everything is OK out there is the dark. The sound is actually very comforting and reassuring.

On the Software Freedom fight:

The good folk at NZOSS are powering away with their Public Sector Remix project. This was started in September with the aim to get basic desktop apps off the Microsoft pseudo-standards and provide better value for the public dollar.

IT service providers are being surveyed, c/o Victoria University, to see what professional support is available, should it be needed. This is GETS Reference: 28273, apparently - I haven't found it online.

Meantime, Labour is making some effort to cosy up to the Free Software movement - I suspect that flexing our muscles over copyright has made some people sit up and pay attention.

ACTA still looms - there is some kind of fetish about a free trade agreement with the USA and hang the cost to NZ as a whole. The EU is not taking this lying down - more sort-of reclining - and we could certainly drive a harder bargain. This agreement threatens the whole s92a thing all over again.

The Free Software Foundation wants to remind is that freedom is the goal.

Cheers - I think I'll have that drink now.

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