Monday, 29 March 2010

Auctions Started

I occasionally Auction stuff on TradeMe. This one is special for all you photo-buffs: I don't want to part with this stuff because it is beautiful but I'm afraid I have to.

Professional Photojournalist Kit

Auction number: 280634706
Closes: Thu 8 Apr, 12:45 pm
The basic kit includes:
  • Minolta XG-2 Camera
  • Minolta Rikkon Zoom lens
  • Electronc Flash (no batteries)
  • Polarized filter
  • 2x Kodak Gold film
  • Manuals
XG2 Professional Rig

Tamron Tele-macro Zoom lens

Auction number: 280636723
Closes: Thu 8 Apr, 1:00 pm
The user manual says: 80-120mm F/3.8.4- beautiful with the XG-2.
Works beautifully with the XG-2 above.

Fujica 35 "automagic" Camera

Auction number: 280639356
Closes: Thu 8 Apr, 1:15 pm
This is a 35mm SLR you carry around your neck for opportunity shots. Comes with a close-fitting leather case and 1x Kodak Gold film roll. No manual but it is very easy to use: there is an indicator in the viewfinder to help you get the shot right.

8x30 Field Glasses

Auction number: 280643037
Closes: Thu 8 Apr, 1:34 pm
With a leather case - good for spotting those long shots without hefting the tele-macro lens.

I am keen that these items find a loving home with someone who appreciates precision optics. If you are like that, or know someone like that, please help me out. Thank you.

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