Saturday, 24 April 2010

Separation Time

Cathy and I are having "some apartness time". I will be in Helensville, looking after my Mum's cat, for a week or so while Cathy stays in Orewa.

This is great: I get to stay up and watch whatever I like. Though, that's not as good a it could be - I ditched Sky a while ago due to the watering down of the programming (shifting the good movies to pay-per-view for eg.) I return to sky, and find that the situation is pretty much as bad as I left it - though ppv is cheaper now. I end up watching History and Discovery a lot.

Nah - sky is not worth it. If I spend the same money each month on rental DVDs I get to see more movies that I enjoy. The main thing for where I live is that VHF receptions is very bad, so I'm saving for a freeview box.

Some people have asked about the installfest - which will be in May. That's all I can say until I can arrange it... but I expect it to be at the Orewa Public Library again. After that' I'll be able ta start up the GNU/Linux courses.

Meantime, the Wellington Declaration I wrote about before has born fruit! This was the NZ-lead initiative to open the ACTA talks to public scrutiny. This has happened. There are a lot of eyes on this - stay tuned.

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