Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Back on Waiheke

Train-wreck update:

I am now on Waiheke Island since I got my marching orders. Fortunately I got to move while that huge anticyclone ambled across the country - all wonderful weather. Of course, moving furniture down a goat track pretty much broke me and I don't have the phones on yet.

Everything is very comfy here - it is, after all, the house I built to my own specifications. Now the curtains are up - this is awesome!

As for everything else, Cathy is talking about having some sort of living-together relationship after divorce - that does not seem like a good idea to me: divorce is divorce! Meantime, mental health were no use, the next step is marriage guidance on the Family Court (fingers crossed). Cathy has agreed to counselling but is iffy about the FC.

Cathy wants a property agreement before counselling too - I think that should be part of a separation agreement, which is the next stage. She also wants me to stay faithful during this process. I can kinda see it, even though she is the one that brought in the lawyers: it would be a sign of good faith on my part that I really am serious about reconciliation. Fortunately this is a no-brainer: I'm not exactly beating women off with a bat!

I still have lots of work left on that Law research paper. Fortunately it looks like I'll get a 14 day extension, which should help. Being on Waiheke puts me closer to the Law Library too.

In other news:
The radio had a phone-in thing on the question: "have you ever claimed credit for anything you didn't do?" in connection with that SMH "Australasia" headline. I was driving, otherwise my things would have been...

1. "We are having a baby."
Yeah right - who has the swollen ankles, morning sickness, labour?

2. "We won the ."
The last two FIFA WC things were draws, which count as Kiwi victories - I'll bet if they'd have lost they would have been All-whites losses.

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