Friday, 11 June 2010

Train wreck in progress...

I blogged at the start of the month that Cathy went on holiday without me. Seems she got herself away so she wouldn't be here when I got this letter from her Lawyer. It says that she considers our relationship to be over and she wants me to move out.

I cannot say I didn't see this coming. I had some concerns building over the last two months, about her mental health. I took these concerns, with her knowledge, to her doctor and the doctor referred the matter further. Now, she wants a divorce.

There are privacy issues here, so I have to be careful about what I reveal. So - no details. I did force the issue, though, knowing that I was risking our relationship against her good health.

My next step is to insist on counselling, and I hope the mental health people have managed to persuade her to see them too. AFAIK: they have not.

This is a race to see if she can get well enough to stop this before she throws our marriage away.

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