Friday, 9 July 2010

Pushing Through

The Waiheke Shift is pretty complete with the delivery of a washing machine and dishwasher. Untangling the electricity and phone bills is turning out to be tricky but doable. Still no internet from home - annoying.

I am writing in ernest now - but worried that I don't have enough material for more that about 8000 words and I need 12000!

I did get some recreation in: Saw Dorian Grey (DVD) - see Colin Firth in a different role. This was actually pretty spooky, though the portrait effects owed a lot to the Lord of the Rings. Also on DVD, Screamers, turned out to be better than expected, though I think they wimped out at the ending (true love conquers all). They followed the Philip K Dick story (Second Variety) pretty faithfully with only a few holes. There was a bit of Bodysnatchers and Terminator thrown in.

Weather is looking nice, nights have been warmer. Everything is very quiet here in the bush.

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