Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Derek Acorah in NZ?!


We've been graced with Deb Webber and .... . These people are coming out here because they've been outed everyplace else as the frauds they are.

DA must be one of the most outed "psychics" in the World. That he has managed to make millions at his laughably obvious routine only shows the extent of the human desire to be deceived. Watching a performance, even reading a transcript, is like watching a car crash in slow motion - there is a kind of horrible fascination but people really get hurt he's that bad. No, seriously:
Man: I just wanted to ask about my dad who died of cancer and I want to make sure he's all right.
Derek: I can't tell you that because he's not front of the queue.

Curiously, his wikipedia page is very hard to correct (it parrots the official, false, history and trivializes and underreports the outings). Everything is fake from the origin of his name (why bother making up a story for goodness sake: its just a stage name) to his achievements. Fortunately it is not hard to find verifiable accurate accounts. You know, like the UK birth, deaths and marriages register.

Do not pay money for this tripe - if you must watch, do it via that repository of bad taste: youtube.

I do see that he's supposed to get interviewed on Campbell Live: that should be worth a look. Lets hope John C. does some research first and actually asks some tough questions. If he doesn't, then he may hear a faint angry voice as from a distant ranting. That would be me, shouting very loudly at the TV.

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