Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bang goes the stove

My stove just died the real death - no attempt will be made to ressurect.

It was a Candy Trio - which is a brand to avoid. Don't get me wrong, it was a good idea to put a range, oven and dishwasher in the same box and it worked well when it worked. Trouble was it had canary components with no replacement available anywhere, which sort of removes their benefit. First a washer in the dishwasher blows, which meant replacing the entire appeller (motor + pump) assembly ... just for a bit of rubber, and now the insulation in the range has crumbled -- sending the entire chassis live. This should not happen, none of it.

I've been looking at new ones. There's a very nice German one that looks cool that I'm talking myself into. It seems to be a good time to buy appliances too so maybe it's for the best.

We are also coming up to Software Freedom Day. The new SFD site is up: ... go look. HBCLUG is not in there this year :( unless someone else organises something!

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