Saturday, 23 October 2010

Sunny Days

Labour Weekend is here - for non Kiwis, this is the time we celebrate employment and the work ethic by having a day off.

Waiheke is excruciatingly Sunny and more full of exciting people than a pomegranate is of pips - making it sound a lot like Ursa Minor Beta from Hitch Hikers. There are lots of tired parents and frazzled kids out too. Breakfast in the Sun today - pancakes, banana and bacon, with maple syrup.

I've had the first combined counseling last week - a bit of an ache to see Cathy again. She repeats her "we can still be friends" and I'm staying diplomatic. As time wears on I'll just get more used to not being married I guess. We'll have to see. So far I have not experienced any special interest in other members of the fair sex so who knows.

My phone lines are weird - been experiencing mysterious hang-up on voice as well as dialup. The tech has found a funny wire paring on my line, changed me to another one ... hopefully that is all there was to it. Meantime, Vodaphone's faultsperson has emailed a bunch of suggestions specific to MS Windows so I have send a bunch of technical specs back for my Unix-based system to see what they make of it. It can be frustrating when you know more about computers than the help team. BTW: their suggestion amounted to either switching the software on or reinstalling it.

Typical Windows mentality.

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