Monday, 22 November 2010

Cats Home

I have been back to the mainland to pick up a whole bunch of stuff I've left behind. Only thing left is a heavy park bench I had restored some years ago. Cathy is selling her house in Orewa, s I'll have to move fast.

As a side effect, my slinky black sable burmese, Smeagol, gets to join me. He is a private and reclusive character normally. He went to sleep on the trip home, but, on arrival, got all excited to see his old territory again.

Smeagol was adopted by our other two cats as a stray kitten, an unusual enough occurrence, but has always been the low-status cat in the group. back on Waiheke and away from the other two he has really come out of himself. He stays around the house now, has set himself up on some spare bedding in a spare room, and has started catching mice. He's even been coming for cuddles.

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