Sunday, 7 November 2010

Christianity Questions

I've recently had a paper by Henry Schaefer brought to my attention. It's a list of "Questions Intellectuals Ask About Christianity" - supposedly a bunch of questions that Schaefer thinks are serious stumbling blocks preventing smart people from forming a relationship with God ... for goodness sake!

There are 18 of them, all very dull, and none any actual impediment even to children with a passing acquaintance with the Bible. They are either straw-man questions, or misunderstood. So I'm offering my own set along the same lines, and see how well I do.

It's sad really, Schaefer was never much as a critical thinker (read his scientific papers) but his conversion to Christianity seems to have reduced his ability to zero.

None of the answers proposed can be considered complete or definitive. These conflicts have been ongoing for a long time and no single blog post can be expected to put them to rest.

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