Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hangi time again

Hangi day - I gotta go pick up the kai this evening :)

Urgent shopping too - ran out of food last night (I made the last of it into a very large, quite strange, pizza). And it is dry enough to start planning exterior cleaning

Smeagol is very well settled in now. I had a cat door installed and he has been nipping in and out happily and chasing mice. In the evening, he settles at the foot of th bed with me. He'll come to be cuddled, and will even meow a little at dinner times. This is a cat who is known for a retiring nature. Clearly being without the other two, and being back in the bush, has been good for him.

Seeing as this is the Royal Forest and Bird Reserve at Onetangi, it is as well he shows no interest in birds. At least, not that I've seen: he actively hunts (and catches) mice. With luck he'll branch out to rats, which are a major problem.

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