Tuesday, 21 December 2010

New Lappy for me :)

Have just purchased an hp Envy 14 - ex-display machine from Bond and Bond downtown. I've been resisting because most of the price on these things is the magnesium-titanium alloy case and fancy design work, but I got the salesdrone to drop the price in-line with comparable drab machines.

It comes with Windows 7 Home-Premium, which means it is not as broken as the usual Home offering. There are nice touches like switchable GPUs and a switch to turn the touchpad off. The touchpad supports multitouch too - can't wait to get linux on it.

Using it I miss multi-desktops and the ability to use the edge of the pad as a scroll-wheel (it uses 2-finger scrolling in 2D but is finicky). There is an element of freedom gone too - I've got so used to the linux/unix way of doing things that the windows world is no longer "intuitive".

I'm downloading Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit right now. I'll post updates as I figure stuff out. Meantime, I found this review for OpenSUSE, and a cool discussion for Ubuntu, which I'll be following. Its an old enough machine that most of the kinks have been worked out.

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