Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Xmas is survived

... and I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 to my wonder machine. Interestingly, while the live CD used the ATI gfx card by default, the installed edition uses the integrated intel one. Researching solutions to change this - though the intel card works very well for OpenGL stuff like compiz.

In comparison with others, the only thing conspicuously not going is the touchpad switch - tap the corner twice to disable the touchpad... useful when doing a lot of typing. Turns out it is not a switch but an "actve corner". OTOH: the pad buttons work fine (though simulating a center-click by depressing both buttons does not seem to be supported). Multi-touch works out of the box in a limited capacity for multitouch - two-finger zoom for eg works as a scroll-wheel (which, in linux, is a zoom for applications that want it).

Under Ubuntu, the wireless driver is an automatic install - loads the proprietary firmware into the bc43xx driver. This practise is frowned upon in the free software world, but I can always use a dongle instead.

I have not tried the external video or the mic.

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