Sunday, 30 January 2011

Still not drowned

Woo hoo - the rain has washed lots of driveways away, and I have some more trees to clear away, but otherwise we survived fine. Isn't it cute that the moment NZ sends its firefighters to Oz to help with the flood cleanup there, we get flooding here.

Next door had a party late last night, so I spent the time playing Scorched 3D and Fish Fillets NG - games from the opposite ends of the spectrum. The party wound down some time before I got sick of Scorched.


  1. Anonymous31/1/11 23:33

    Hey Simon,
    Great to hear you haven't drowned and are therefore still with us. I saw the remains of the cyclone heading towards NZ last week (from Oz).

    Been reading your Christianity series with some interest. I passed that stuff over some years back after doing lots of research into its origins. The Roman Empire lives on in many ways.

    I hope your not too cut up over the marriage thing. I'm onto my second one. There's plenty more fish in the sea, that is if you're still interested after it's all blown over. Shame to have to give up such a nice plot of land though, it looks idyllic. People (women) are so fickle these days.

  2. Wow a comment! Yes thanks - the marriage things is a real downer because you feel like such a failure. OTOH: I had a haircut and started dressing better and I'm getting a bit of interest. Now if I can remember how to return it.

    I used to do the Christian baiting back in Uni - and got tired of it. I only got interested again when The God Delusion got criticized for refuting medieval arguments. "Theism has moved on" it was said - but no examples coming. So I looked around and you know, people are still making those medieval arguments as if they were current. I'd rather have a better standard of debate - even if it is a bit of a sideline. I fund another one that managed to occupy reams on the cosmological argument as if Hume never lived.