Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Del Sol lead

I need manuals and wiring diagrams for my del Sol ... I have a lead: the UK delSol Owners Club has a collection of manuals for the taking. The server is a bit slow so don't dispair.

Meantime, there is a bloke in the US who has offered me 400 USD (540 NZD) for my transtop system and he'll throw in the USDM trunk-rack and hinges. I'd like to take it, but just found out that NZ Post freight to the USA will cost about 700 NZD so I'll lose. I'm looking for cheaper surface freight - its a small package (half a cubic meter, 90kg) so I'm tentatively hopeful... weight-sensitive usually means air-freight.

Of course I'll have to cost out dismounting and packaging.

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