Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Job Hunting

Well ... all the comments on the CHCH thing and none for the pedophile. I supposed that just goes to show ... not show anything just general showness.

I am job hunting for the next few months - the govt has spoken and hath said "thou shalt find work for even if thou doest not thou shall have thine benefit cut off anyway." Well, it's not like I havn't been trying. To that end, I have taken another look at my resources: the goal is not so much to find work but to remove myself from state subsidy. We all know the money is needed someplace else! Since I own my house outright ... pending final settlement ... I have no rent. This means that I don't actually need a high income to maintain my standard of living.

So I have a three bedroom house to myself: so I can let one of the rooms ... accommodation will be at a premium soon. Anyone want to live on Waiheke? I was thinking something like $120 + expenses ... utilities seem to be stabilizing under $150 a month for just me.

I have a whole bunch of skills that I can teach to others, so I shall be advertising locally as a tutor for secondary and tertiary students, and start my gnu/linux course up again. The Gulf News  ran an ad for a support person for an autistic 4yo boy ... that sounds familiar, so I got them to send me their application pack.

My main qualifications are for secondary teaching - I am MSc/PGDipEd. I've been applying to schools, but not getting anywhere. Trying to address this I have written to the Principal of Waiheke High volunteering to help out as well as offering professional relieving. That should give me a foot in the door.

What else can I think of: well Albany Sen College is a gnu/linux shop ... I'll have to see about offering to volunteer there too.

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