Saturday, 19 March 2011

A rainy day in the life...

Went out without the roof on, on a cloudy day. That's asking for trouble. Naturally it rained, but I can still stay dry-ish if my speed is above 40kmph. There is a bit of spatter from the drops hitting the roll-bar, but mostly the rain ends up missing the open top. Anyway, it's fun. Honest.

So naturally again I get stuck behind a tourist in a hummer doing all of 35! Baseball cap keeps the rain off my glasses though. I'll have to do something about figuring how to manually stow my roof or rig a rag-top or something. I know a guy with the same problem and he just holds an umbrella... amusing the police no end.

The problem: I drive a 92 Honda del Sol SiR (JDM) - the version with the electrically retracting roof. Only the retraction system is broken. So, on fine days I just leave the roof at home. That's what all these posts about trunks and tilt motors are all about.

Once I got home, Smeagol was uncharacteristically affectionate - wet cat smooching me, remind me why I have a cat again? Basically he just wants me to dry him instead of licking himself all over like normal - oh, and switch the heater on please.

Since I'm stuck inside with the cat and rented DVDs, I decided to bake some cookies - mega chocolate chip with some shredded coconut for a change. This worked - Smeagol enjoyed half a cookie and some warm milk.

Repeat after me: "Humans are the dominant species. Humans are the dominant species."...

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