Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ring wimps out ...

... no surprises there then.

You'll recall that I wondered out loud what excuses Ring will offer for his "prediction" failing yet again. It seems he is using the "it was only a suggestion" excuse.

So, according to Ring, his statements were supposed to be taken with a grain of salt anyway. In fairness, he did stop short of making any definite claims but he did take pains to make them appear to have more weight than they did. Even the excuses rank his predictions with weather forecasts -- yet they have less validity even than those.

People speaking for him point out that he is altruistic in his forecasts. He has not been paid for them or anything. But this is not true -- he has been making these pseudo-predictions as a way to get publicity for his book. Don't let him fool you, this is pure opportunistic self promotion.

It is very common for people with psudoscientific, paranormal or just plain junk claims to have self-promotion as a motive... look at Deb Webber.

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