Saturday, 7 May 2011


This car is mine - hands off :)

... I've been thinking of what I'd eventually replace the delSol with ... I like it and would prefer to keep maintaining it, maybe redo it later, but who am I kidding: I'm no gearhead. AST some point I'll be able to afford a real car for what the delSol costs to maintain thus: I looked up what second-hand Porsches go for (no way I can afford a new one ... though if any fans want to shout me one? No? Oh well...)

Off Top-Gear I thought: Porsche 911 ... the fwd is a good idea for Nz in general and Waiheke in particular ... and it seems a 10yo carrera will come in at about 40k these days ... however, I can get an ultra-lux upgrade to a Boxter (rwd only :( ) from 30k ... looks like the right choice.

The link above goes to a really nice, leather interior, sports upgrade, Boxter S-series. It is everything the delSol is only German ... which puts it into a whole different orbit. Looks a litte low for my drive though ... so now I just have to come up with 34k + change.

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