Saturday, 21 May 2011

Nah worries mate.

I Just saw something on a local Network news program, which we all know are Highly Reputable Sources. It was about this Rapture thingy. They had this Christian Expert guy saying that it is a Sin to Predict the End of the World so if anyone does then the "Lord" will say, "Nope. Not gonna end it today."

I Say as a Discordian, it is my Duty to wake up every morning and say, "What a Splendid day, Too bad the World's going to end tomorrow." Then of course God will Say, "Nope. Not gonna end it today." Then, Goddess will whisper in my Ear, "That's a good Lad, isn't Sinning Fun?"

Of course, I can only save the World for so long, I figure, barring Accidental, or Malicious death I got another 50 or 60 years on me until the World will end without my Constant Predictions.

This leads me to wonder, After I'm gone would they refer to me as Simon the Great for saving the World everyday, or Simon the Paranoid for thinking the world would end everyday? The Christians already call me Simon the Sinner so I guess that's out for post Death titles, although it does have a Snazzy ring to it. ;)

Happy Rapture, by the Way, the World's ending tomorrow, Party at my House! 6 am Sharp!

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