Wednesday, 7 September 2011

DELL Facebook Scam

Recieved a facebook message like this?
"I received a Dell XPS 1530 laptop today for nothing! I think they are only sending out a limited supply of promo laptops in each area, its actually very nice :) I got it from here [redacted]"

It's a scam.

In the original version you had to fill out a lot of different surveys, handing over personal information, enticed by the prospect of a fine DELL laptop. The newer version (same url) has only one survey with three bullshit questions and Apple products (Macbook Air, iPad, iPhone the usual). How likely is it that DELL would offer Apple products in a promo?

The next stage is verification - where you must give them your cell-phone number. They text you a pin, enter the pin for your prize. Ha ha ha: the pin will never work. But there is fine-print at the bottom of the screen:

"Summary terms: You must be the account holder or have permission from the account holder. This is an auto renewing subscription service that will continue until cancelled anytime by texting STOP to 2012. Available to users over 13 for $7 per week + $3.50 join charged on your wireless account or deducted from your prepaid balance for mBill Content Club @ 2 messages per week. Supported carriers: Telecom, Vodafone. For prizeKing support: text HELP to 2012, email or call 0800 630 114. Std msg/data rates apply. Your phone must have text messaging capability. Call for your money back within first 30 days of service if you are not satisfied. By signing up for this service and entering your personal PIN Code delivered to the cell phone number supplied by you on this website, you acknowledge that you are agreeing to the full Terms of Use. Click here for full Terms & Conditions. For Privacy Policy Click here."

So you will find yourself sent two txts a week for $7 off your bill - basically for visiting the page.
AFAIK: this sort of sign-up is illegal in NZ.

The links go to a domain which whois says does not exist! It's actually a javascript thingy that takes you to more content on the same page. Considering that billing through a cell-phone requires cooperation from the phone company, it is probably possible to cut of their revenue. You see this, complain to your phone co.

You can also report them to Internal Affairs.

Note the person whose name is on the message is a victim too - treat them nice: they got a virus.

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