Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Toastmasters #3

Speech #3 from the CC manual today - went OK I guess.

I turned the stuff on radioactive water into a 5-7 min presentation and went over-time by almost 2mins. Too much detail. However, I got positive reviews and I didn't need my notes.

Not too bad - since the last three days I've been unbelievably itchy all over, no rash, no lumps, no redness or swelling or anything. It's been madness. Hot showers and cold sea soothes it for a while. Anti-histamines  reduce the symptoms to a prickly burning sensation like a sunburn or a fever. I'm not feverish and I have not been burned.

Googling produces worrying possibilities ... thyroid to leukemia eek! But I could have just got hyper-sensitive after an insect bite and the mozzies have been active and the symptoms showed up in the morning after sleeping with the doors open.

Anyway, this has made me too distracted to write the speech - so it was mostly impromptu.

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