Monday, 5 December 2011

Hoooo - getting baad!

Bloke came around from Mercury Energy today: I've been neglecting my power bill.
It's my fault. Fortunately I had a receipt for my last payment which they didn't have on record so the power stays on and I'm a flagged customer.

There is no point arguing with the guy who comes around, it's not his fault. Time for me to wake up.

One of the things I had a look at was if I can save on my power bill by switching supplier. I'll stil have to pay the ME bill of course, but says I can save $38 a month by switching. On my income that is probably a good idea. I checked with Consumer Powerswitch.

If I use my last bill, CP estimates annual useage, and changing to Contact Energy will save me $400 a year. The closest competitor is Energy Online, saving $380 a year. Woot!

I decided to check again using the midwinter bill. My use then is about double what it was last month and CP says different. They estimate annual consumption saving $300pa from Contact or E-Online (about $6 difference between them.)

But the difference makes me wonder about their model.

Looking at my bill, my use is basically flat from November to February, and makes a triangle peaking in July. So, for eight months I'm averaging the difference between peak and trough use - which puts my actual yearly use at about, closer to the second one.

I'm expecting higher than that this coming year since I'll get a housemate - but then housemate will, hopefully, pay half the costs.

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