Sunday, 18 December 2011

Movie Sunday

Xmas movies are bit of a pain so I rented some of my own.

Source Code
It's Ohhh-kay I guess. I've just seem films like it. Wet ending. Sort-of 12 monkeys meets Groundhog Day, with all the good bits removed. And what is this with Hollywood script-writers and daddy-issues?

Now this is better - starts out as a bit of a father-son-in-crime antiheroes thriller, but rapidly turns into a psychological commentary. The opening commentary on Paradise Lost (the poem) sums up the movie - it's about better days lost. All the sorts of losses as you grow up, except in the film they happen over a few days as a metaphor. The solid, steady, tone carries the difficult subject well. AFAICT it's not enough like much else to be worth the comment.

Dead Snow
Really great schlock-horror out of Norway - very film-studentish because it is done by film students (started on a film camp). Its Norwegian, with subtitles and a Norwegian metal track apparently called "Eat that Shit". There's some English spoken, including a surprising impersonation of Arnold Schwartzenegger.
It's a zombie movie with Nazis, entrails, and bad humor. What can I say.

The Ward
John Carpenter standard - and as expected of a J Carpenter film. A bunch of girls in a mental hospital are being killed one by one and have to figure out what is happening. I worked out the twist quite early because I watch way too many movies - there have been a bunch like it, you know, serial killer, experimental therapies and so on. Think Identity and Shutter Island.

That has seen me through two days, six burgers, and 1.5L of coke.
Just as well because it has been raining.

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