Wednesday, 4 January 2012

House Pest

I have a house pest.
Well - I have a mother visiting - supposed to be just for xmas, I think she's worried about me, but it starts to grate after a while. I thought maybe after the New Year she'd go by herself.

She's been cleaning. Last time she cleaned it cost me $300 ... but I let her because I can't stop it and she feels better for doing it. After a while it sort of grates - like when she wants to set new rules for my house. It is  my house, she is a guest in it. She does not like it, she does not have to visit.

It's not terrible - she makes up for it by buying in extra food for example ... and the house is clean. This is nice. A little of this is nice. I appreciate it I do. Really.

But how do you throw your mother out?

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