Monday, 16 January 2012


Movie Weekend ...

The Assassin Next Door : this is an Israeli movie in Hebrew, Russian, and English - I switched the subtitles on. It's like La Femme Nikita only much grungier. A relentless pace even if the ending was a little predictable, overall I liked it: it was the best of this bunch.

Season of the Witch: tedious and dull with no moments of credible tension and a total waste of a strong cast. It had the usual supernatural villain who can melt iron by touching it and knock over large bookcases by thought alone and yet seems to forget these abilities when in combat with the hero. Pathetic. The ending looked like the setup for a TV series.

Deadland: if anything, even more tedious - I actually started nodding off during this. The villains randomly kill anyone except the hero, who they keep trapping. Unsubtle foreshadowing leads to a clumsy "twist". I was glad when it ended.

Thinner: A morbid, rather than scary, horror: I liked it. It had hokey dialog, holey logic, and bad makeup. Classic. By the end you are chuckling at the psychology. Though it starts out with a cliche'd tale of a gypsey curse, the plot avoids heading down the usual paths. Joe Montegna (Criminal Minds) is good value as a mob boss.

Well two duds and no greatness. The recommend on that list is The Assassin Next Door by a long way.
I'm starting to run out of titles at the local video store that I haven't seen.

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