Sunday, 12 February 2012


New technology usually spoils someone's pie. When the bridge was built across Auckland Harbor, a lot of vehicle ferry operators lost their livelihood. There was a toll on the bridge in those days - but the toll was to help pay the the upkeep of the bridge. It _could_ have been set to a bit more than the cost of a vehicle ferry ticket to protect the ferry trade but it wasn't. In fact, it wasn't even thought of. I'm sure it was the same for Golden Gate, Sydney Harbor and other places.

Now it seems certain industries did not see the digital age coming. Maybe - but neither, it appears, did Kodak. Did we pass laws requiring memory sticks to be taken to the chemist to get the jpegs off them? There are camera companies that survived the shift - they just don't make money of film so much these days. Profits take a hit yes, this is economics 101 welcome to capitalism.

So the tech has changed and now profits are down boo hoo cry me a river... I'd be more sympathetic if profits were actually down but even if that were true the artists will still survive this as well, or as badly, as they always have.

We will still have art.

It is the middle-men who have made a living by being a nessisary evil who have to do the changing. Maybe they can now take up a useful career standing around nuclear reactors as radiation shielding? Or maybe, I don't know, maybe they could actually provide a useful service to artists ... there's a thought.

Kill ACTA quick before it breeds!

... better out than in.

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