Sunday, 12 February 2012

On the romantic front

I seem to be in the crosshairs of a Russian woman ... yes, the one I thought was a scam earlier.
So far she's passing the reality checks though my worse, untrusting, side points out that scammers can read online dating safety sites too.

I know she reads what I write now, at least sometimes, so.... Hi Natalya!
I'm also interested to find out if anyone else reading this is from Moscow.

I can't help but be excited which I suppose is both pathetic and sweet of me. It's certainly fun so far so even if nothing else happens it's all good.

She's asked me if I want to visit - which is a yes except.... it's 8 degrees and snowing right now.
Perhaps in spring - which is supposed to be a good time to visit Moscow. Anyway - I want a f2f via videochat before I spend $1200 on a return flight. (Maybe I can get work in Moscow and then it's a one way shutupshutupshutup... see what I'm facing? I'm my own worst enemy.) I've kinda wanted to visit Russia for a... there I go again.

Right now she knows far more about me that I do about her. I'm going to have to redress the balance before I make travel plans ... yes yes I know I checked the airfares but that's not the same as planning the trip. No it isn't. Go away.

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