Friday, 17 February 2012

Romance gets closer

I tried calling Natalya on Valentine's Day, but could not get through.
Turns out that her phone can only be called from inside the Russian Fed. This is technically good news. If she was part of an organized "Russian Dating" scam, I'd have been given a phone number I could actually contact right?

I emailed Natalia about it and we will be working out another way to talk.
But also, she says she does not expect me to pay her airfare to NZ! We are almost at the best possible option here ... all I need is a recent photo and that is the last verification needed. Which is great since I'm having a real struggle keeping a level head over this woman.

She also pointed out that she would not be giving me any money either ... it seems she has some of the same concerns. All of which points to her being the real deal. Just need that photo.

I'm so excited I can't keep still!

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  1. Sounds great, but be careful dude - sounds like you're trying to be.