Monday, 5 March 2012

Bills bills bills

I am surrounding by so many bills it's like feeding ducks!

I have today cancelled by home phone and old internet access. People who have been used to contacting me that way will no longer be able to. Basically it is cheaper for me to make phone calls via google voice than it is to rent a landline and make free calls.

This will save me $60-70 a month for a phone and dialup I basically don't use.

All my ISP is now 100% waiheke-based (YNET). I may be forced to drop them for a while too and just use a local cafe in the mornings. This would safe $50 a month on broadband, which I haven't been paying, but if I use a cafe I'll have to pay them for a coffee or something each day I go ... so it's not so big-a saving (about $30/month tops) but I do get to control it for lean months.

April Semi's are coming due for Toastmaster's - they want $70 ... can't afford it so I'll have to flag them as well. I'm really going lean and mean on this one. It's annoying because to socialize on Waiheke you gotta join a club and they all want paying.

This still leaves outstanding tax credits ... I'll have to give IRD a call, and rates. Rates are not so bad as I have a big discount on them. I've changed energy company, but the basic plan is actually worse than the old one so I have to change plans. They have a decent discount on an auto-pay internet-based plan.

All this is while waiting for work and/or the final property settlement to come in. Word is I have to last until August at the latest ... that will be the latest latest so I'm not all that hopeful.

Winter is coming - time to batten down the hatches.
I feel like I've sleepwalking and just stood on a tack.

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