Tuesday, 19 April 2016

TER Day 2: Reflections

Today was dull ... I've always been able to modularize things and tend to get into trouble for thinking out of the box so todays "turn you ideas upside down" stuff is just some expert telling me to do what I've always done. This is making me a bit nervous though - I'm not used to being mainstream.
I guess, if you sit still long enough, everything does come to you ... to paraphrase Sidartha.

Some cute stuff - jigsaw reading as a way of getting students through a wall of text. I've seen it before, but not so dynamically expressed. Reminds me of the times I jigsawed (thank you for the term) practical classes in biology and chemistry: dividing up a lot of experiments so they could all be done in one day, then having students do presentations on what they find. It's a preferred mode of teaching but I'm reflecting I could make it more dynamic too.

Kahooter - interactive app: are phones the new "calculator"?

The Curriculum work feels like the 90's stuff - explaining levels and years and achievement outcomes etc. To avoid going to sleep I had to engage with the others who were more confused by all this language that was new to them.

One of the vids resonated: it has to be OK to be "wrong".

Frustration: it took just over an hour of travelling to get to the course. Surely that's not right!

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