Thursday, 5 May 2016

1st module compete (sort of)

I am in the Coffee Club on Commerce street using their wifi because Imperial Lane, which is comfier, has a jack-hammer running right outside their door. Just proofed and tweaked the assignment for module 1 ... at some stage I have to stop and submit the project to the client for feedback.

It's more a discussion of a unit than a formal unit plan like I'd normally do ... so it is almost all annotations - so I just stuck them in the body. This may make it hard to mark.

It's also a physics investigation into the forces involved in saving an egg from breaking in a 1 story fall. This may be a little short ... may have been expected to run a whole unit on "collisions" or something to last 5-10 weeks. But that seems excessive to me - just from a teaching perspective: that's about half the available course time or something. There are other subjects.

I'm probably panicking for nothing.

Worst case: I get it back for resubmission ... inquiry teaching right?


  1. I did have to resubmit ... waiting results.
    I think I am having more trouble than I thought getting used to the language of teaching.

  2. Status: graded ... no grade given, no comment either. So I probably passed.