Sunday, 12 June 2016

Math L1 NCEA L6

Started some structured teaching for senior maths early - this is because next week (when I would have started teaching) the seniors are all on external exams so no classes. I have a Y11 Math (this class), a Y11 Physics, and a Y9 Science. I'll try to get an extra Y8-9 maths class if I can, and observe another junior science while exams are on. That way I can get some more teaching in no the sly.

What ho: The class is finishing the unit on "chance and data" for the finals. My task was to teach a series of statistical literacy exercises for the 1st 20mins of each period, then revision exercises using worksheets which are team-taught with the regular teacher (Sam Yasli).

These results were encouraging - I seem to be able to build a rapport with the class quickly, which is useful for when I make mistakes. The exercise has proved popular - students asking for more, and asking questions about how the exercise fits with the rest of their education.

All I'm doing is putting a photo of a statistical statement with evidence on the board and student are given 2mins to figure out the author, what the main claim is, what evidence is being offered for the claim, if the evidence actually supports the claim, and what should have been provided.

They were a bit slow to get it, but, on the last lesson, managed to do the exercises smoothly and confidently. Later on I'll have to try more complicated texts - some where the evidence does support the claim, and some with more than one key claim.

Sam has provided useful feedback - mostly about managing the class, how I should not let this early apparent success go to my head etc. Organization and resource tips. We seem to jell - automatically bouncing off each other as a team. We will need to be careful with that when I have to solo-teach though: it is too tempting to jump in.

In the last week, I'll be teaching them full-time from scratch in a new unit: Algebra. Ooh er.

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