Sunday, 13 December 2009

Birthday Bash

The 12th of December was my Mother's birthday.

She got beer and chocolates from me, phone calls from all over. Note: chocolates consumed on your birthday do not have calories. Birthday dinner was that and cold-water salmon on white rice.

The nights movies included In Bruges, on sky, which managed to be weird but not very engaging. This is a dark tragi-comedy where two hit men are hiding out in the eponymous Belgian medieval town after a botched hit where a bystander was killed as well as the mark. The plot features surreal conversations, a racist midget, a couple who roll tourists in their spare time, and another hit. The different elements are deftly woven together but the result is pretty bland.

I stayed up to watch Quarantine, a horror movie with plot similar to 28 Days Later but shot in the cinima verite style of Cloverfield and Blair Witch. It wasn't as lame as Blair Witch, but Cloverfeild was better. Still, worth the watch.

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