Wednesday, 16 December 2009

It's the Season to be Silly

Silly Season is here, I'm desperately working through last minute appointments - I have a warrant of fitness (motor vehicle) to get, and a visit to a dental hygienist - less said about that the better.

Lots of cards have arrived, as well as some parcels. Of particular note, Don will be pleased to know that the litre of Jamesons arrived to due appreciation. Longer term readers will know that John Jameson and Sons make my particular favourite brand of Irish Whiskey.

Technically we have already had our Xmas dinner, so we plan to have a quiet time over the actual holiday. Cathy is feeling the absence of children somewhat keenly and I woke up this morning certain that a small child was about to run in. They tell me it never completely goes away.

So: I'm staying out of the public this Xmas.

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