Monday, 21 December 2009

Tree's Company

We have been running around a lot today - I've had a trip to the optometrist to get my eye checked out. The good news is that the steady decline in my eyesight is slowing. The bad news is that my next prescription is around NZ$600 - and I have to wait for it.

A friend suggested we use an outfit called Specsavers in Albany. Turns out not to be all that much cheaper than anyone else. I cannot really recommend them. However, they do have fair deals on frames - if you buy more than one. Watch out - the sales people will push towards that.

At the Westlake Albany (Mall), I had a ball acting as general baby greeter and parent support. There were a lot of stressed littlies with parents in that zombie mode I remember so well. Generally if you can help keep their kids entertained, these parents are too tired to object. Go for it. Babies like it when you smile like a cartoon at them.

We had lunch there, then headed back to put up our tree. It is decked out in gold - which is turning into something of a tradition in our household - with a big star on top. Cathy especially wanted this as a kind of rememberance of our little boy.

Early Xmas prezzies this year - I could not hold on to this one: I gave Cathy a digital photo frame pre-loaded with pictures of Corwin - about 500 of them - set to change every three minutes. Wifey is very happy with hubby but does not know that I have another present held back for Xmas too. (She does not read this blog so nobody tell her.)

For her part Cathy managed to get my subtle hints and handed over a Gin Wigmore CD. It has been duly ripped (in compliance with the Copyrights Amendment Act - one copy per playback device) and just as well too - after a single playback the optical surface developed flaws which lead to skipping on two tracks. I am not impressed.

This is probably the last post before Xmas. If you are getting someone a computer hear me: buy minimum software. Most over-the-counter computers pre-installed software amounts to about half the asking price. You do not need it. To get the most out of your new computer - install a free operating system. Some version of gnu/linux for preference.

Cheers - and Merry Xmas

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