Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Xmas

Oh the madness.

It seems the last shopping day is also a payday - everyone and his horse was out today - rushing madly. I am so smug I managed to slip in between rushes. Everone else seemed to decide to beat the rush at the same time this morning :) I did my shopping between 1pm and 5.

Yesterday we saw two movies at the local Berkely: Where the Wild Things Are - which managed to be philosophically deep but not warm or cuddly. In fact some bits were quite nasty. The emotion in the story was moving enough to have Cathy in tears and reminded of our own little boy. The Xmas music everywhere reminded me why I like to hide over this time.

The second was Avatar which performed to expectations. The story was regurgitated pap but the world and effects were immersive. Hopefully next time the approach is used it will have a decent plot to go with.

TV Movies tonight are A Nights Tale - an awesome sports story set in medieval europe to a rock soundtrack. Pure fun. Right now Cathy is watching Bridget Jones' Diary - which I can only take so much of.

DVDs are - season 5 of Outrageous Fortune, Terminator: Redemption, and Coraline. Basically anti-xmas movies. I have actually seen season 5 but Cathy has turned into a rabid fan so I have to rent these just to stay alive. Coraline was my choice as a date movie for Cathy and Terminator was Cathy's choice for me. She does love me!

Tonight, with the tree, the lights, and a full fridge, I am reminded of the true meaning of xmas - getting rat-arsed.


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