Friday, 5 March 2010

New Artemis Release

I am excited: my fav. Magnatune artist, Artemis, has a new release. I've put her latest EP, Auralei, in my blog music player.

Artemis' releases Orbits (2007), Gravity (2005) and Undone (2001) have been consistent top sellers on Magnatune, and have garnered praise and press in publications from the New York Times to Remix, Electronic Musician and Keyboard magazines. Her music receives global airplay and is featured regularly on major podcasts and popular online radio shows such as Dave's Lounge, SomaFM, Groovera, and Below Zero. Songs have been licensed for television, video and compilations, and she has recorded and collaborated with producers worldwide including Banco de Gaia's Toby Marks and former Duran Duran manager Paul Berrow. Tracks from her most recent release, the Auralei EP (2010), have already won awards and spotlights, with the Colfax remix of 'Here and Now' earning top marks at the first Epiphyte Records Test Press event of 2010.

The track, Only Begun, in Gravity is quite special to me. It is amazing the impact the right song has at the right time. Auralei is much more polished than the first two (the third was a remix album, so it doesn't count). Artemis' music goes with dark red wine late at night watching the stars.

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