Saturday, 13 March 2010

GNU/Linux Meeting

Albany Senior High School - in connection with AuckLUG and HBCLUG will be having a get together on the school grounds:

Tuesday, 16th March, 7:30pm

Where [map]:
Albany Senior High School
536 Albany Highway

Parking is available on Level 1, access through Gate 1.

Mark Osborne is doing a presentation on ASHS' I.T. systems - all of which is GNU/Linux (except for the student management system) and how this has been a benefit to their learning environment.

I've also invited Peter Harrison to come along to talk about a project that's been brewing over at NZOSS (the New Zealand Open Source Society) which is an open source Student Management System.

I think we may even have a bit of a talk from some of the students at ASHS but don't quote me on that. There'll probably be a few attending at the very least.

There is a forum for discussion of the SMS system on eduforge. Any school admin types feel free to join in - the programmers need non-programmer education professionals to help get it right.

For normal people who just want to figure out this linux thing - you can bring your troublesome computers and an inquiring mind.

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