Thursday, 8 April 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

And for my birthday I will be giving away lots of chocolate - to my wife.

I've built a new starship for the hell of it ("Katapo" see below): this is supposed to be a small fast personal yacht for rich layabouts. It is 150m long, and named for NZs version of the black widow spider.

Last day for my auctions too. The binoculars have had 7 bids - but still only reached $7. The fujica 35 has had two bids - now $21 - no other bids. There are serious bargains here!

Studylink, on the 6th, accepted that I was studying full time and promised back-paid allowances yesterday. This did not happen - called them from the bank to discover that it was just waiting formal approval - which was probably a matter of clicking a box or something because approval was set right away.So now, after weeks of delays, bills stacked head high, the latest promise is "tomorrow" - meaning today.

Fingers crossed.

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