Thursday, 19 August 2010


I've been spending all day processing emails ... see, I havm't had access to my main email account for a couple of months due to the move and there are some 800-odd outstanding mails. Too much for my poor waiheke dialup account :( so I'm using vodaphone webmail from an internet cafe; which is easy to use and streamlined, perfect for emergencies ... not!

I'm also looking to secure some sort of income - I have three teaching jobs to apply for, which will mean ressurrecting my CV and practising certificate. Kam are sending me Extra work again ("Go Girls" this time!) and I'm trying to navigate Income Support red-tape. Citizenship is the stumbling block - I entered this country on my parents passport from the UK in 1971, before an entry stamp was needed. Probably time I sorted this out. In the past I've been able to use ISS records as proof of legal residence but it appears this is no more.

Software Freedom Day this year looks to be a bust - I'll have to update the webpage. It looks unlikly that I'll be able to get to Orewa for my usual gig outside the library but I may be able to rig something up on Waiheke. We'll see. Meantime, HBCLUG members who want to do something better get it sorted out soon :)

Meantime, webmail is slow with little in the way of batch-processing. I killed an hour playing Plants vs Zombies ... addictive but not really challenging. Fun. And, of course, filling in a blog post. More later.

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