Saturday, 14 May 2011

Scam profiles in Be2

I wrote earlier about internet dating sites being basically scams ... The site Be2 allows communication without paying, though all the photos are blurred out. I've been getting mail like this:
Dear Simon9994, I have been looking at your profile. It seems like we could have lots in common. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself? 
All the best, cttt
... and ...
Dear Simon9994, I just answered a few questions about my lifestyle in my profile. If you have already answered these questions, you can see an instant comparison.Why don’t you take a look now and send me a private message to tell me if we have a similar lifestyle?Have a look here [link deleted] to see the information I added to my profile.
I look forward to finding out what we have in common! regardssinglemum1972
These are both classic scam emails ... notice how there is no indication in the messages to show these people have actually read my profile or are even interested in me personally. These are wholly generic and actually quite bland. To top it off, cttt's blurred photo is blonde while her profile says "black hair".

This is actually pretty insulting, I wonder how far these people will go.

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