Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Scam Profiles in Facebook

Arrrgh! I really should not have let on that I was single ... I have had two friend requests from sexy-looking women. I mean really hot! After scraping my tongue off the keyboard (drying it off) and putting my eyes back in my head, I thought I'd check their profiles first.

I'm glad I did - they were both new profiles with one photo only and no viewable info except for a link. In one case the link was to a dating site and the other held a link to a degree-scam site. Now technically I will not always be able to see much of someone's profile - they may be privacy conscious - but anyone who wants friends is unlikely to have a profile like that!

I also see a bunch of poor deluded guys have friended them already. I have reported the sites - one for representing a business as a person and the other for being a nonexistent person - we'll see what happens.

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