Monday, 13 June 2011

1st Waiheke Toastmasters today

Went to Toastmasters meeting tonight ... got roped into table-topics: "what was you weirdest moment?" For goodness sake - me? I am the weird thing that happens to other people: how do I pick.

Curiously I was the worst dressed person present.

I deliberately tried to dress a bit down because it never pays to outdress someone you want to impress and there may have been a few there ... but this is Waiheke, pretty informal anyway, so it was tricky to work out the level. One worthy managed to appear in almost-academic-dress (it was a jacket+hood style) - the colors corresponded to MPhil too.

It looks like I'll be joining - that will put their membership up to 20 people. That's a special number for reasons I'm not too clear on. Hopefully that will be a regular social thing for me - gets me away from the computer.

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