Monday, 10 October 2011

G+ Work and WOF

In reverse order:

WOF woes continue - my car has a fluid leak - power steering. I have to keep topping it up but this means I don't have a WOF. I need a new cooling tube. Maybe we can build one but right now looking for an authorized part.

I've bitten the bullet and presented myself to the local service station - pump-hand here I come. The thing is, though I have a lot of applications out for teaching positions, nothing is going to show up before March. I want something on the Island that will be enjoyable and the service station is just down the road and it's relaxed. I'm hugely overqualified and the boss there looks enthusiastic.

Still active with google plus. If you want to see what sort of thing I get up to over there, have a look at this formatted summary.

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