Wednesday, 5 October 2011


It's all about the sunshine today - and a bit of maintain the car.

WoF: Failed - but only on one tyre. It seems that directional mags are going out of fashion or something so I have to order-in the replacement. Ho hum - pass wof tomorrow.

But since I'm out and about and it's such a gloriously sunny day, I took the top off and went for a cruise. It's an expensive passtime these days, and I'll count the cost tomorrow. Today I went the length of the Island, visited Man of War bay, which was at high tide so it was nice. Enjoyed the breeze and the scenery and read a bit of my SF novel (Greg Bear - Legacy: it's OK). Headed back.

Snapper and chips at Onetangi Beach - a bit windy - wash the car - and back home. Sun still on the deck so drag a chair from the lounge-suite outside for coffee and tim-tams and more reading. Decadence. Smeagol joined me - he's changed color: his head and shoulders are still black but the rest of him has gone rusty. He'll probably go black again towards midsummer.

He's been off his food last few days, and he's lost a lot of weight. I gave him some beef mince - which he nommed up (but only if it has a bit of dirt on it). He does not normally get red meat - after he finished, he whipped his tail, leaped vertical off all four feet, spun around and tore off into the bush.

I've changed the music (see sidebar). Also sampled Gin Wigmore's single "Black Rose", online.

There's a stack of mail wating for me ... tomorrow. By carefully ignoring things that actually need to be done I get to call today a win. Bananas and ice-cream time, then a bath.


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